Song of the Hunter

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1) This quest starts in Hunters Village with Guild Member Grey at level 35. This quest is all about killing mobs, with a little optional side quest if you wish. To get your 1st-circle license you need to pass Grey's test. He will give you a list of things to do and you need to do 3 of them.

Songofthehunter1.jpg Songofthehunter2.jpg Songofthehunter3.jpg Songofthehunter4.jpg Songofthehunter5.jpg Songofthehunter6.jpg Songofthehunter7.jpg Songofthehunter8.jpg Songofthehunter9.jpg

2) I did them all, but he only takes 3 of the items so doing more than 3 is completely unnecessary.

a) Kill Windsus around Dragon Valley under Quest monster Windsus Aleph shows up, kill it and get the quest item.

Songofthehunter10.jpg Songofthehunter11.jpg

b) Kill Breka Orc Warriors found at the Breka's Stronghold until you get the first brother and kill them, then repeat killing the Warriors until you get the other two brothers.

Songofthehunter12.jpg Songofthehunter13.jpg Songofthehunter14.jpg

c) Kill Leto Lizardman Shaman at the Plains of the Lizardmen until you get 20 Karut Weeds.


d) Kill Guardian Basilisks at Death Pass to collect 40 Guardian Basilisk Scales.


e) Kill Giant Fungus in Sea of Spores to earn 30 Sporesea Seeds.


f) Kill Manashen Gargoyles and/or Enchanted Stone Golems in the Ivory Tower Crater for 20 Indigo Runestones.

Songofthehunter18.jpg Songofthehunter19.jpg

3) When you have at least 3 of the items from the mobs listed above go back to Grey. You will receive a 1st Circle Hunter License. And nothing else.


4) Then you can go over to Guild Member Tor who is in the same village and pick from a list of mobs to kill. Since the selection is up to the player, I will list which mobs have come up for me so far and the rewards in adena.

Songofthehunter21.jpg Songofthehunter22.jpg Songofthehunter23.jpg

a) 50 Revenant Chains from Fettered Souls in Death Pass and Dragon Valley. This will earn you a Laurel Leaf Pine and 11,280 adena.

Songofthehunter57.jpg Songofthehunter58.jpg Songofthehunter60.jpg

b) 100 Grandis Skulls, which can be found in the same areas as the Fettered Souls in Death Pass and Dragon Valley. Another Laurel Leaf Pine and 9,180 adena is the reward.

Songofthehunter53.jpg Songofthehunter55.jpg Songofthehunter56.jpg

c) 50 Coiled Serpent Totems, by killing Breka Orc Warriors or Shaman. The reward is another pin and 17,730 adena.

Songofthehunter49.jpg Songofthehunter50.jpg Songofthehunter51.jpg Songofthehunter52.jpg

d) Kill Karul Bugbears which can be found east of Hunters Village and bring back 30 of their heads. Reward is a pin and 3,140 adena.

Songofthehunter45.jpg Songofthehunter46.jpg Songofthehunter48.jpg

e) Kill Leto Lizardman Shaman until Quest Monster Leto Shaman Ketz shows up and kill him too. Earn a pin and 5,790 adena.

Songofthehunter37.jpg Songofthehunter38.jpg Songofthehunter40.jpg Songofthehunter42.jpg

f) Kill Dire Wyrms in the Sea of Spores and bring back 40 Dire Wyrm Eggs. Earn another pin and 8,690 adena.

Songofthehunter31.jpg Songofthehunter32.jpg

g) Kill Giant Monstereyes in the Sea of Spores and bring back 30 Monster Eye Meats. Earn 9,110 adena and a pin.

Songofthehunter34.jpg Songofthehunter36.jpg

h) Hunt Grandis in Death Pass (same as earlier) and bring back 100 Grandis Skulls. The drop rate is 2 per so it's a little faster than normal. This earns you 9,180 adena and a pin.

Songofthehunter53.jpg Songofthehunter55.jpg Songofthehunter56.jpg

5) When you have enough pins, you can go back to Grey and ask to work on the 2nd circle hunting license. He will give you a new list and again you need 3 items, so pick whatever is easiest for you.

Songofthehunter61.jpg Songofthehunter62.jpg Songofthehunter63.jpg

a) 20 Timak Orc Totems, found by killing Timak Orc Warriors.

Songofthehunter64.jpg Songofthehunter50.jpg

b) 20 Trisalim cobwebs found by killing Trisalim Tarantula's in the Sea of Spores.

Songofthehunter65.jpg Songofthehunter83.jpg

c) 30 Ambrosius Fruits from hunting Treants in Enchanted Valley


d) 20 Balefire Crystals from hunting Tairim in The Cemetery.

Songofthehunter67.jpg Songofthehunter81.jpg

e) 20 Imperial Arrowheads from the Archer of Deed found just outside of the Cemetery.

Songofthehunter68.jpg Songofthehunter80.jpg

f) Kill Tarik Bugbear Warriors, found around Ivory Tower until Quest Monster Tarik Raider Athu spawns, then repeat killing the warriors until Triska, Motura, and Kalath spawn.

Songofthehunter69.jpg Songofthehunter71.jpg Songofthehunter72.jpg Songofthehunter74.jpg Songofthehunter76.jpg Songofthehunter78.jpg Songofthehunter85.jpg

6) Then back at Grey again he will give you a 2nd Circle hunter license once you bring back 3 items.


7) With this new license you can go back to Tor and start picking up 2nd circle mobs lists.

a) Bring back 40 Satry Manes from killing Satyrs and Satyr Elders in Enchanted Valley.


Also as you may have noticed you can also head over to the Grocery Store in Hunters Village and do a little side quest with Cybellin.

Songofthehunter33.jpg Songofthehunter25.jpg Songofthehunter26.jpg

She gives you a dagger to use to level up the crystal. The trouble is the mobs you have to hunt are in their 50's and the dagger has 10 patk and 9 matk. Even if you get the mob down to almost no health it's a little annoying to actually kill it with the dagger. It's like leveling soul crystals though, only you don't need to do anything with the crystal since it's in quest inventory other than deal the final blow with the dagger.


The mobs you have to use it on are the Harit Lizardmen around the Forest of Mirrors. You only need last hit with the dagger, otherwise you'd be hitting the mob all day long.


I raised it one level here and got 3,400 adena.

Songofthehunter29.jpg Songofthehunter30.jpg Songofthehunter50.jpg

Here are the full rewards

Blood Crystal: Purity 2 3,400a
Blood Crystal: Purity 3 6,800a
Blood Crystal: Purity 4 13,600a
Blood Crystal: Purity 5 27,200a
Blood Crystal: Purity 6 54,400a
Blood Crystal: Purity 7 108,800a
Blood Crystal: Purity 8 217,600a
Blood Crystal: Purity 9 435,200a
Blood Crystal: Purity 10 870,400a

Mission Quest Item Monster Location Reward
1st Circle Request 1C 40 Charms of Kadesh lvl 36 Leto Lizardman Archer
lvl 37 Leto Lizardman Soldier
Plains of the Lizardmen 2,090a
1st Circle Request 2C 50 Timak Jade Necklaces lvl 43 Timak Orc Warrior
lvl 45 Timak Orc Overlord
Timak Outpost 6,340a
1st Circle Request 3C 50 Enchanted Golem Shards lvl 42 Enchanted Stone Golem Crater of the Ivory Tower 9,480a
1st Circle Request 4C 30 Giant Monster Eye Meat lvl 41 Giant Monstereye Sea of Spores 9,110a
1st Circle Request 5C 40 Dire Wyrm Eggs lvl 42 Dire Wyrm Sea of Spores 8,690a
1st Circle Request 6C 100 Guardian Basilisk Talons lvl 36 Guardian Basilisk Death Pass 9,480a
1st Circle Request 7C 50 Revenant's Chains lvl 38 Fettered Soul Death Pass 11,280a
1st Circle Request 8C 30 Tusks of Windsus lvl 39 Windsus Death Pass 9,640a
1st Circle Request 9C 100 Grandis Skulls lvl 40 Grandis Death Pass 9,180a
1st Circle Request 10C 50 Taik Obsidian Amulets lvl 41 Taik Orc Archer
lvl 42 Taik Orc Warrior
Forest of Mirrors 5,160a
1st Circle Request 11C 30 Karul Bugbear Heads lvl 40 Karul Bugbear near Hunters Village 3,140a
1st Circle Request 12C 40 Ivory Charms of Tamlin lvl 41 Tamlin Orc
lvl 42 Tamlin Orc Archer
near Hunters Village 3,160a
1st Circle Request 1B Fang of Narak lvl 41 Leto Chief Narak Plains of the Lizardmen 6,370a
1st Circle Request 2B 50 Enchanted Gargoyle Horns lvl 44 Enchanted Gargoyle Crater of the Ivory Tower 19,080a
1st Circle Request 3B 50 Coiled Serpent Totems lvl 33 Breka Orc Warrior
lvl 34 Breka Orc Shaman
Breka's Stronghold 17,730a
1st Circle Request 4B Kaiki's Head lvl 43 Timak Raider Kaikee Timak Outpost 8,560a
1st Circle Request 5B 30 Kronbe Venom Sacs lvl 43 Kronbe Spider near Hunters Village 8,320a
1st Circle Request 6B Totem of Kadesh lvl 39 Leto Lizardman Shaman -> lvl 40 Leto Shaman Ketz Plains of the Lizardmen 5,790a
1st Circle Request 1A 40 Eva's Charms lvl 47 Spore Zombie Sea of Spores 30,310a
1st Circle Request 2A Titans' Tablet lvl 43 Gok Magok Death Pass 27,540a
1st Circle Request 3A Book of Shunaiman lvl 43 Karul Chief Orooto near Hunters Village 20,560a

Mission Quest Item Monster Location Reward
2nd Circle Request 1C 40 Rotting Tree Spores lvl 43 Rotting Tree Sea of Spores 6,850a
2nd Circle Request 2C 40 Trisalim Venom Sacs lvl 45 Trisalim Spider Sea of Spores 7,250
2nd Circle Request 3C 50 Taik Orc Totems lvl 43 Taik Orc Shaman
lvl 44 Taik Orc Captain
Forest of Mirrors 7,160a
2nd Circle Request 4C 40 Harit Barbed Necklaces lvl 51 Harit Lizardman Grunt
lvl 52 Harit Lizardman Archer
lvl 53 Harit Lizardman Warrior
Forest of Mirrors 6,580a
2nd Circle Request 5C 20 Coins of Old Empire lvl 48 Hatar Ratman Boss War-Torn Plains 10,100a
2nd Circle Request 6C 30 Skins of Farcran lvl 53 Farcran War-Torn Plains 13,000a
2nd Circle Request 7C 40 Tempest Shards lvl 45 Fline
lvl 51 Fline Elder
Enchanted Valley 7,660a
2nd Circle Request 8C 40 Tsunami Shards lvl 46 Liele Enchanted Valley 7,660a
2nd Circle Request 9C 40 Satyr Manes lvl 48 Satyr
lvl 54 Satyr Elder
Enchanted Valley 11,260a
2nd Circle Request 10C 40 Hamadryad Shards lvl 50 Forest Runner Enchanted Valley 7,660a
2nd Circle Request 11C 30 Vanor Silenos Manes lvl 46 Vanor Silenos Grunt
lvl 47 Vanor Silenos Scout
lvl 48 Vanor Silenos Warrior
Plains of Glory 8,810a
2nd Circle Request 12C 40 Talk Bugbear Totems lvl 48 Tarlk Bugbear Warrior Forest of Evil 7,350a
2nd Circle Request 1B Okun's Head lvl 46 Timak Overlord Okun Timak Outpost 8,760a
2nd Circle Request 2B Kakran's Head lvl 45 Taik Overlord Kakran Forest of Mirrors 9,380a
2nd Circle Request 3B 40 Narcissus's Soulstones lvl 49 Mirror Forest of Mirrors 17,820a
2nd Circle Request 4B 20 Deprive Eyes lvl 50 Deprive War-Torn Plains 17,540a
2nd Circle Request 5B 20 Unicorn's Horns lvl 49 Unicorn
lvl 55 Unicorn Elder
Enchanted Valley 14,160a
2nd Circle Request 6B Kerunos's Gold Mane lvl 51 Vanor Elder Kerunos Plains of Glory 15,960a
2nd Circle Request 1A 20 Skulls of Executed lvl 45 Grave Wanderer War-Torn Plains 39,100a
2nd Circle Request 2A Bust of Travis lvl 52 Hatar Chieftain Kubel War Torn Plains 39,550a
2nd Circle Request 3A 10 Swords of Cadmus lvl 65 Judge of Marsh Blazing Swamp 41,200a

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