Sorrowful Sound of Flute

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Minimum Level: 15 Party: .
Start Location: Dion Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Nanarin Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Musical Score - Theme of Solitude

1 This quest starts Dion with Musician Nanarin who is sort of behind the Dark Elf Guild. If you talk to her normally she hysterically suggests she's in love with a dwarf but this quest confirms it. She wants you to find out what the dwarf Barbado likes.


2 First stop is the Blacksmith, talk to Opix and Poitan who both say different things.


3 Then go to the Warehouse and talk to Aldo, Holvas, and Ranspo. One of them says a flute like one of the Blacksmiths did.


4 Go back to Nanarin and pick the flute option. She gives you a flute.


5 Find Barbado, who is just off the center of town outside a building and he thanks you.


6 Then finish up at Nanarin who gives you Musical Score - Theme of Solitude.