Specialty Liquor Delivery

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1) This quest starts in the Hot Springs with Chef Jeremy. He asks you to deliver liquor to 5 of the guests in the area.

Specialtyliquordelivery1.jpg Specialtyliquordelivery2.jpg Specialtyliquordelivery3.jpg

2) First one is Beolin.

Specialtyliquordelivery4.jpg Specialtyliquordelivery5.jpg Specialtyliquordelivery6.jpg

3) Second is Kuber.

Specialtyliquordelivery7.jpg Specialtyliquordelivery8.jpg Specialtyliquordelivery9.jpg

4) Third is Crocus

Specialtyliquordelivery10.jpg Specialtyliquordelivery11.jpg Specialtyliquordelivery12.jpg

5) Fourth is Naff.

Specialtyliquordelivery13.jpg Specialtyliquordelivery14.jpg Specialtyliquordelivery15.jpg

6) Fifth is Pulin

Specialtyliquordelivery16.jpg Specialtyliquordelivery17.jpg Specialtyliquordelivery18.jpg

7) Then back to Jeremy and much like in Egg Delivery he sends you to someone else for payment.

Specialtyliquordelivery19.jpg Specialtyliquordelivery20.jpg

8) Go back to Goddard and in the Warehouse talk to Warehouse Keeper Lietta. One of the possible rewards is a S grade jewelry recipe.

Specialtyliquordelivery21.jpg Specialtyliquordelivery22.jpg Specialtyliquordelivery23.jpg