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Minimum Level: 80 Party: -
Start Location: Town of Aden Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Rapidus Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: have at least 40 fame points
Rewards: S80 Ancient Cloak

1  Talk to Reputation Manager Rapidus (not Lepidus as he is called in the dialogs) in Aden and take the quest; he is next to the Hero Monument. If you don't have fame points he will not have the Quest option available, if you're not lvl 80 he will tell you to come back later.

Stepstohonor01.jpg Stepstohonor02.jpg

2 I don't have all the screens of the dialogs yet but basically you have to kill 4 sets of enemies; since you cannot talk to the NPC during TW it will take you 4 wars (8 weeks) before you can finish. So be patient...

  • 1 TW - kill 9 enemies

Capequest01.jpg Capequest02.jpg

  • 2 TW - kill 18 enemies

Capequest03.jpg Capequest06.jpg

  • 3 TW - kill 27 enemies

Capequest05.jpg Capequest08.jpg

  • 4 TW - kill 36 enemies

Capequest09.jpg Capequest10.jpg

3 After each TW go to Rapidus and take the next task. For the kills the same rule applies as for getting TW badges - the characters have to be lvl 61+.


If you go talk to him before finishing the task he will just complain about it and remind you what you have to do:

4  Once you've finished all the parts you'll get the cloak.

Capequest11.jpg Capequest11a.jpg

Go to the weaver NPC (in Aden it's Olf Kanore, in Rune Olf Adams) to unseal it. You need full S80 (or higher) armor to equip the cloak but to complete the quest you don't have to wear it. The item info is a bit bugged and says the slot will open with Vesper, that's not correct - Dynasty set works as well. This cloak has +20 p.def bonus and the rest is for looks ;) The S84 ones also have attributes but those can be obtained from castle or epic bosses.

Unsealcloak01.jpg Unsealcloak02.jpg

  • Just for comparison, these are the S84 cloaks:

Knightscloak.jpg Holycloak.jpg

Written by Irijs

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