Stolen Dignity

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Minimum Level: 58 Party: .
Start Location: Town of Aden Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Romp Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: A-grade weapon parts

1 This quest starts with the Warehouse Freightman Romp in the Aden Warehouse. He asks that you retrieve Stolen Infernium Ore from monsters. Bring 100 back and you can play a bingo type of game that can win you A grade weapon parts.

Stolendignity1.jpg Stolendignity2.jpg Stolendignity3.jpg Stolendignity4.jpg

2 The list of mobs is pretty long. When you get at least 100 you can go back to play.

  • Blazing Swamp: Glow wisps, Marsh predators, Hames Orc Snipers, Cursed guardians, Hames Orc Overlords, Wretched archers, Grave liches, Grave predators
  • Forbidden Gateway: Crimson drakes, Kadios
  • Forsaken Plains: Fallen Orc shaman, Sharp Talon Tigers
  • Ancient Battlegrounds: Past knights, Hungry corpses, Bloody lords, Bloody ghosts, Dark guards, Death blades, Spiteful soul leaders, Spiteful Soul wizards
  • Silent Valley: Huge footmark, Giant's shadow, Past creature, Solder of Ancient Times, Warrior of ancient times.

3 Talk to Romp again and if he sees you have enough ore he'll start to play the game with you. Basically you pick 6 numbers and hope you win something.

Stolendignity5.jpg Stolendignity6.jpg

There are several outcomes. One, you don't win anything at all.


The second where you make 3 lines and will win 4 pieces of random A grade weapon parts.


And the best is when you make no lines whatsoever, he will reward you with 10 of A grade weapon parts.