Success/Failure of Business

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Minimum Level: 82 Party: -
Start Location: Heine Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Dr. Helvetica Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: Winds of Change
Rewards: 1,319,736 XP and 103,553 SP and 283,346 adena

Pre-Step In order to start this quest, you must have completed the Winds of Change quest and choose to support Dr. Helvetica. If you choose to support Priestess Athenia, her version of this quest would be Won't You Join Us?

1 Start by talking to Dr. Helvetica who stands to the very north of Field of Silence, or also known as across the river from the Town of Giran.

Winds31.jpg Successfailure1.jpg Successfailure2.jpg Successfailure3.jpg Successfailure4.jpg Successfailure5.jpg

2 He instructs you to kill 10 Brazier of Purity in order to obtain 10 Broken Magic Square Fragments quest items. These can be found all over the Field of Whispers. They are actually really easy to find as they shoot a beam of light into the sky.

Successfailure6.jpg Successfailure7.jpg

3 Once you receive all 10, go back to visit Dr. Helvetica. He takes the fragments, but then requests another task from you.

Winds31.jpg Successfailure8.jpg Successfailure9.jpg

4 He then wants 20 Broken Fragments of the Guardian Spirit quest items. This involves killing both Sentinel Waterspirts and Guardian Waterspirits, also found in the Field of Whispers.

Successfailure10.jpg Successfailure11.jpg Successfailure12.jpg Successfailure13.jpg Successfailure14.jpg

5 Once you receive all 20, go back to visit Dr. Helvetica. He takes the fragments, and hands you 1,319,736 XP and 103,533 SP and 283,346 adena.

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