Supplier of Reagents

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Possible Rewards list:

100 Cursed Bones, 10 Potions of Alacrity, 10 Scrolls of Resurrection, 1 Enria, 1 Asofe, 1 Thons, Tower Shield, Square Shield, Drake Leather Boots, 60% recipes for Avadon/Zubei/Blue Wolf/Doom Gloves and Boots, Avadon Gloves, Zubei's Gauntlets, Blue Wolf Gloves, Doom Gloves, Avadon Boots, Zubei's Boots Blue Wolf Boots, Doom Boots, Sealed Dark Crystal Gaiters Pattern, Sealed Dark Crystal Leggings Design, Sealed Dark Crystal Breastplate Pattern, Sealed Tallum Leather Armor Pattern, Sealed Tallum Plate Armor Pattern, Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare Fabric, Sealed Majestic Leather Armor Fabric, Sealed Armor of Nightmare Pattern, Sealed Majestic Plate Armor Pattern