Temple Champion II

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Minimum Level: 36 Party:
Start Location: Town of Dion Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Sylvain Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 84,593 adena, 187,062 exp and 11,307 SP

by Elmar

This quest is part of a chain in Dion, Giran and Heine, which give you some good experience awards in your 30s. These quests are:

  1. Temple Executor and Temple Missionary
  2. Temple Champion I
  3. Temple Champion II
  4. Shadow Fox I
  5. Shadow Fox II
  6. Shadow Fox III
  7. Fallen Angel - Request of Dawn or Fallen Angel - Request of Dusk

1) This quest starts from High Priest Sylvain in the Einhasad Temple at Dion.

Templechampionii1.jpg Templechampionii2.jpg

2) Sylvain wants you to distribute a manifesto drawn up by the official clergy to various dissident groups, especially the breakaway Preachers out in the wild. Your contact is to be Preacher Sla (a woman, the dialogue screen is wrong), but for an introduction you first have to meet Priestess Pupina in Giran.

Templechampionii3.jpg Templechampionii4.jpg Templechampionii5.jpg Templechampionii6.jpg

3) Pupina can be found in the Einhasad Temple on the east side of the central square in Giran.

Templechampionii7.jpg Templechampionii8.jpg

4) Priestess Pupina explains to you that in order to be acceptable to Sla you must prove that in spite of your association with the official clergy you are not as narrowminded and hypocritical as High Priest Sylvain and his colleagues. Templechampionii9.jpg Templechampionii10.jpg Templechampionii11.jpg

As a test, Pupina sends you to help Dark Elven Grand Master Angus - Dark Elves worship Shilen, goddess of death and the great opponent of Einhasad. Of course you are intelligent enough to answer that the Einhasad religion propagates love and mercy, which is more important than blind obedience to ancient rules.

Templechampionii12.jpg Templechampionii13.jpg

If you answer at this point that you must abide by the rules, however, Pupina asks you to reconsider. In other words, you have to start the conversation again. The dialogue will jump directly to the hypocritical priests. If you then make the right choice, you are sent as above to Grand Master Angus.


5) Grand Master Angus is at his office in the Dark Elf Guild, near the west gate of Giran.

Templechampionii14.jpg Templechampionii15.jpg

6) A Dark Elven trainee was killed during a somewhat too realistic fighting exercise in the Death Pass. For a proper burial his belongings are needed which have been looted by the local monsters. Agree to recover them.

Templechampionii16.jpg Templechampionii17.jpg Templechampionii18.jpg

7) In the Death Pass west of Giran you have to kill lvl 35 Wyrm dragons, lvl 36 Guardian Basilisks, lvl 37 Road Scavengers and lvl 38 Fettered Souls. Apart from the Wyrms, those monsters are all passive. The double HP Fettered Souls, who can be found at the northern and southern end of the Death Pass, are living together with highly aggressive lvl 40 Grandis. So if you are only level 36 you might want to stay away from those and hunt more in the middle area of the Pass. The quest item acquisistion rate is about 1 out of 5.

Templechampionii19.jpg Templechampionii20.jpg

Templechampionii21.jpg Templechampionii22.jpg Templechampionii23.jpg Templechampionii24.jpg

8) When you have 10 Relics, return to Grand Master Angus in Giran. He will be highly pleased and write you a letter of recommendation. With that go see Priestess Pupina again.

Templechampionii25.jpg Templechampionii26.jpg

9) After first testing a bit your attitude, Pupina will write you a letter of introduction for Preacher Sla.

Templechampionii27.jpg Templechampionii28.jpg Templechampionii29.jpg

10) Preacher Sla is in the Plains of Dion, within sight of the port spot from the Town of Dion. If you should not find her, her position is marked on your map.

Templechampionii30.jpg Templechampionii31.jpg

11) At first Sla doesn't want to talk to you, but when you show her Pupina's letter, she will come around.

Templechampionii32.jpg Templechampionii33.jpg

But Sla is not impressed by Sylvain's manifesto and expounds her own views about the origin of the Einhasad religion.

Templechampionii34.jpg Templechampionii35.jpg Templechampionii36.jpg Templechampionii37.jpg

True scholar that she is, however, Sla knows that the only way to arrive at a conclusion is to find the angel. With that message she sends you back to High Priest Sylvain in Dion.

Templechampionii38.jpg Templechampionii39.jpg

12) Sylvain is also eager to contact the angel and has for that purpose hired the information dealer Shadow Fox. For the time being he rewards you with 84,593 adena, 187,062 exp and 11,307 SP, then he tells you to travel to Heine and speak with Warehouse Keeper Mia about Shadow Fox. If you are level 42 or above, you will only get the adena reward.

Templechampionii40.jpg Templechampionii41.jpg Templechampionii42.jpg