Temple Missionary

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Minimum Level: 35 Party:
Start Location: Town of Dion Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Glyvka Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Badge - Temple Missionary, 15,100 adena, 30,000 EXP and 2,000 SP

by EllieBelly

This quest is part of a chain in Dion, Giran and Heine, which give you some good experience awards in your 30s. These quests are:

  1. Temple Executor and Temple Missionary
  2. Temple Champion I
  3. Temple Champion II
  4. Shadow Fox I
  5. Shadow Fox II
  6. Shadow Fox III
  7. Fallen Angel - Request of Dawn or Fallen Angel - Request of Dusk

1) This quest starts at Dion, in the Einhasad Temple, with Priestess Glyvka.

She sends you to Spellbook Seller Rouke who is in the back of the Temple.

Templemissionary1a.jpg Templemissionary1.jpg Templemissionary2.jpg Templemissionary3.jpg Templemissionary4.jpg

2) Rouke gives you a list of mobs in the Cruma Marshlands you have to kill to collect Giants Tools. That list contains almost everything in the swamp: Marsh Stakatos, Marsh Stakato Workers, Marsh Stakato Soldiers, Marsh Stakato Drones, Toad Lords, Stinger Wasps, Marsh Spiders.

Templemissionary5.jpg Templemissionary6.jpg

3) The mobs are all around the base of Cruma Tower in the swamp. You can bring an unlimited amount of items but 30 is minimum but I understand the items can break so you'd probably be better off doing around 50.

Templemissionary7.jpg Templemissionary8.jpg Templemissionary9.jpg Templemissionary10.jpg Templemissionary11.jpg Templemissionary11a.jpg

4) Then go back to Rouke and he gives you some Giants Tools then sends you back to Cruma Swamp to kill the same mobs you've already killed.

Templemissionary12a.jpg Templemissionary12b.jpg

Now almost every time you take out a Toad Lord or whatever, a lvl 35 passive Quest Monster called Cruma Marshlands Traitor will show up and you must kill her to get Giants' Technology Reports. You need 3 of these.

Templemissionary13.jpg Templemissionary13a.jpg

5) Back at Rouke again in Dion Temple, he gives you his report and sends you back to Glyvka.

Templemissionary14.jpg Templemissionary15.jpg Templemissionary16.jpg Templemissionary16a.jpg

6) Glyvka gives you Badge - Temple Missionary, 15,100 adena, 30k exp and 2k sp.

Templemissionary17.jpg Templemissionary18.jpg Templemissionary19.jpg Templemissionary20.jpg