Test of Magus

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by EllieBelly

1) The quest begins at the church in the Town of Dion with Bard Rukal, who can be found in the Einhasad Temple there. He says a lot of things about music but tells you to go see Parina in Gludin Village. You will receive 122 dimensional diamonds.

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2) In Gludin, Parina stands at the front of the church in Gludin. She sends you off to find Wiseman Casian who is in the Wasteland.

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3) Port to the Wasteland from Gludin Village and run north; Casian is between the tall stone pillars you'll see just to the right.

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4) He tells you to bring back 3 golden seeds from the singing flowers. You should only need to kill one per group. They can be found in the following locations.

Testofmagus10.jpg Testofmagus10a.jpg

Testofmagus12.jpg Testofmagus12a.jpg

Testofmagus11.jpg Testofmagus11a.jpg

5) After you retrieved the 3 seeds, which drop for every kill, you used to have to go back to Casian in the Wasteland. Nowadays you can return directly to Rukal in Dion.

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6) He sends you back to Bard Rukal in Dion. He tells you to collect 4 notes from the four elements, Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire.

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7) Naturally these elements will want something in return. It's best to talk to all 4 at the same time.

Earth Snake

Testofmagus17.jpg Testofmagus18.jpg Testofmagus19.jpg Testofmagus20.jpg

Water Undine

Testofmagus21.jpg Testofmagus22.jpg

Flame Salamander

Testofmagus23.jpg Testofmagus24.jpg

Wind Sylph

Testofmagus25.jpg Testofmagus26.jpg Testofmagus27.jpg

8) Here are a list of the mobs and locations. You will need 20 Dazzling Drops from Toad Lords and various Marsh Skatatos around Cruma. Drop rate is about 30%.


You need 20 Harpy Feathers. Drop rate seems to be 100%


You need 10 Wyrm Wingbones. Drop rate about 30%. Wyrms can also be found up and down the Death Pass road between Giran and Oren, but those don't give the quest item, so you really have to kill the dragons in the Gorgon Flower Garden.


You need 10 Windsus Manes. Drop rate is about 30% and they can be found on the spot on the map and a good deal east behind the Dragon Valley area.


The rest of the mobs are all under Ivory Tower. You need 10 quest items from the Enchanted Iron Golem, the Enchanted Stone Golem, the Enchanted Monster eye. Drop is 100%.

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You also need 5 Flame Crystals from the Ghost Fire mobs. The drop rate is not so good, I had to wait out 4 spawns before I got 5 items.


9) Then go back to talk to ALL the element NPCs again.

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10) Then head back to Bard Rukal in Dion, in the church one last time. He used to give you the Mark of Magus, 139,039 exp and 40,000 SP, whereas nowadays it's Mark of Magus, 186,077 adena, 1,029,122 exp and 70,620 SP.

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11) You can then go to the Magic Guild in Giran and change to your nuker class. You will receive 15 Shadow Item Exchange Coupons, Grade C.

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