Test of Witchcraft

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by EllieBelly

1) This quest starts with Shadow Orim in Death Pass. He asks you to retrieve 6 pieces of jewelry, but you'll be starting with the first three. He tells you to visit Trader Alexandria in the Town of Girans Luxury Shop. He will give you 104 dimensional diamonds.

Testofwitchcraft1.jpg Testofwitchcraft2.jpg Testofwitchcraft3.jpg Testofwitchcraft4.jpg Testofwitchcraft5.jpg

2) Alexandria tells you to visit Magister Iker who is also in Giran, Kaira also in town, and Trader Lara in Dion.

Testofwitchcraft6.jpg Testofwitchcraft7.jpg Testofwitchcraft8.jpg Testofwitchcraft9.jpg

3) I suggest going to the Dark Elf Guild in Giran first to see Kaira because she hands over her gem straight away.

Testofwitchcraft10.jpg Testofwitchcraft11.jpg Testofwitchcraft12.jpg

4) Then since you are still in town visit Magister Iker. He wants you to hunt 3 kinds of mobs and bring back 20 items each.

Testofwitchcraft13.jpg Testofwitchcraft14.jpg Testofwitchcraft15.jpg Testofwitchcraft16.jpg

5) The drop rate is 100% and you will need to go to the Sea of Spores for Dire Wyrms, Plains of the Lizardmen for any of the Leto Lizardmen there, and under Ivory Tower and hunt Enchanted Stone Golems. 20 items EACH.

Testofwitchcraft17.jpg Testofwitchcraft18.jpg Testofwitchcraft19.jpg

6) Then back to Iker and receive another gem.


7) Over in the Town of Dion in the Grocery Store visit Trader Lara and she sends you to Warden Roderik in the Execution Grounds.

Testofwitchcraft21.jpg Testofwitchcraft22.jpg Testofwitchcraft23.jpg

8) Roderik is on the lower level of the Execution Grounds and tells you that Ismell probably became one of the nameless souls in the area.

Roderikmap.jpg Testofwitchcraft24.jpg

9) You will want to find and go down into the pit in the area and kill the Nameless Revenants. It should just take one to get another gem.


10) Then head off to Gludin Village to the Grocery Store to talk to Trader Nestle. He tells you to go talk to Leopold.

Testofwitchcraft26.jpg Testofwitchcraft27.jpg Testofwitchcraft28.jpg

11) Leopold is near where you are already and says the rest of the jewels are in the Wasteland.

Testofwitchcraft29.jpg Testofwitchcraft30.jpg Testofwitchcraft31.jpg

12) The mobs are the Skeletal Mercenaries near the center of the Wastelands. You will get the 4th, 5th, and 6th jewel here so kill until you get them all.


13) Then go back to Orim and if all that wasn't enough he sets you out on other business.

Testofwitchcraft33.jpg Testofwitchcraft34.jpg Testofwitchcraft35.jpg Testofwitchcraft36.jpg

A mob called Drevanul Prince Zeuel shows up, attack it and he should disappear quickly.


Talk to Orim again and he tells you to visit Sir Klaus Vasper in Gludin Village and back to Iker in Giran.

Testofwitchcraft38.jpg Testofwitchcraft39.jpg

14) Back in Giran talk to Iker again and you will get the first item, the Soultrap crystal.

Testofwitchcraft40.jpg Testofwitchcraft41.jpg Testofwitchcraft42.jpg

15) Then go back to Sir Klaus Vasper and he sends you to the Town of Oren.

Testofwitchcraft43.jpg Testofwitchcraft44.jpg Testofwitchcraft45.jpg

16) In Oren in The Einhasad Temple talk to Priest Vadin and he asks you to bring back 20 Tamlin Orc Amulets.

Testofwitchcraft46.jpg Testofwitchcraft47.jpg

17) Tamlin Orcs are east of Hunters Village and the drop rate is pretty bad, probably 1/5 and you need 20.


18) When you have 20 go back to Vadin and the back to Sir Klaus Vasper.


19) Vasper gives you the sword of binding.

Testofwitchcraft50.jpg Testofwitchcraft51.jpg

20) Back at Orim again he vaguely tells you to find Zeruel somewhere in Floran Village.


21) Fortunately the map is more precise and points you to Fisher Evert.

Testofwitchcraft53.jpg Testofwitchcraft54.jpg Testofwitchcraft55.jpg

Drevanul Prince Zeruel shows up again and either use the sword of binding to kill him, or since it's a non grade weapon, use it for the last hit.

Testofwitchcraft56.jpg Testofwitchcraft57.jpg

22) Back at Orim for the last time, you will receive 186,077 adena, Mark of Witchcraft, 1,029,122 exp and 70,620 sp.

Testofwitchcraft58.jpg Testofwitchcraft59.jpg Testofwitchcraft60.jpg Testofwitchcraft61.jpg

Then depending on your original race/class go to the master for your type and change to your 2nd class. You will receive 15 Shadow Item Exchange Coupon: C Grade(s). (the academy circlet is only if you leveled while in an academy).

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