Test of the Maestro

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1) This quest starts in Dwarven Village in the Elder Council with Iron Gate's Lockirin. He tells you to meet with the elders in this building and you get 23 dimensional diamonds.

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2) In the same building talk to Black Anvil's Arin and he wants you to find Toma.


3) In CT2 Gracia Toma is always on the island near the North East mining port. In previous versions he ports between there, the NORTH entrance to Mithril Mines, and the bottom of the circular room in Abandoned Coal Mines.


Old locations


Tell Toma "I will help" then "press the button"

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This teleports you to another area of Dwarf land into several King Bugbears. They didn't notice me until I started attacking them. When they are dead run back to Toma.


Toma gives you the teleport devices.


4) Go back to Arin in town and get his recommendation.


5) Talk to Silver Scale's Balanki and he sends you to Chief Croto.

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6) Croto is by an empty building across the the Weapons and Armor shop. He asks you to go to the Cave of Trials and find Kamuru.

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15) Port to Orc town then port to Cave of Trials, Corpse of Kamur (not Kamuru) is on the red spot on the map where it looks like a gate.

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Then go through the "fake" wall that you can clearly see on the map now (not all versions had the map) until you find Quest Monster Evil Eye Lord and get the necklace.


16) Back to Croto, he sends you to Balanki.


17) Balanki gives his recommendation.


18) Then talk to Gray Pillar Member Filaur and he sends you to Cruma Tower.


19) You'll be looking for Researcher Lorain who is to the left of the entrance of Cruma (or to the right if you port to the tower). She wants you to get 10 items each from Stinger Wasps, Giant Mist Leeches, and Marsh Spiders.

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20) All these mobs are around Cruma, the drop rate is 100%.

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21) Back to Lorain, then go back to Filaur.

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22) Filaur gives you his recommendation.


23) Then go to First Elder Lockirin again and earn 186,977 adena, Mark of Maestro, 1,029,122 exp and 70,620sp. These are the CT2 rewards, in previous versions there is no adena, and much less exp/sp.