Testimony of Life

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1) This quest starts in the town of Dion in the Warrior Guild with Master Cardien. She tells you to go to your home town and speak with Hierarch Asterios. She will give you 102 dimensional diamonds which will greatly ease the sheer length of this quest

Testoflife1.jpg Testoflife2.jpg

2) Find Asterios in the Temple of Eva in the light elven village, he tells you a long story which involves the phrase "painful task" which is all kinds of ironic because it's so very true. He sends you to find Thalia.

Testoflife3.jpg Testoflife4.jpg Testoflife5.jpg Testoflife6.jpg Testoflife7.jpg Testoflife8.jpg Testoflife9.jpg

3) Thalia is by Iris Lake, and you will be back to see here many times so mark the spot. She tells you to visit Blacksmith Pushkin in Giran.

Testoflife10.jpg Testoflife11.jpg Testoflife12.jpg Testoflife13.jpg Testoflife14.jpg

4) Pushkin is where all the blacksmiths always live, which is in the Blacksmith room in Giran. He'll ridicule you for being an elf and make you practically beg to continue the quest. He sends you off to kill some mobs.

Testoflife15.jpg Testoflife16.jpg Testoflife17.jpg Testoflife18.jpg Testoflife19.jpg Testoflife20.jpg Testoflife21.jpg

5) You will need to kill Guardian Basilisks (20 pure mithril ore) and Wyrms (20 Wyrm Talons) which can be found around Death Pass. You will also need ant soldiers (20 ant soldier acid). The quest item drop is probably 1 in 5 so be prepared. The ants can be found in the ants nest and thanks to C5 there is a port directly there from Gludio. I found other ants than just the Soldier drop the items, unlike what Pushkin says.

Testoflife22.jpg Testoflife23.jpg

6) Go back to Pushkin with all the items and he makes your cup.

Testoflife24.jpg Testoflife25.jpg Testoflife26.jpg

7) Go back to Thalia and give her the cup, and she tells you now you need to make Stardust and sends you to the Dark Elf Initiation Altar and meet Shaman Arkenia.

8) She's actually labeled Witch but you can find Arkenia on the altar platform. She tells you to get Andariel's book and she will give you stardust. She sends you off to the temple in Gludin.

Testoflife27.jpg Testoflife28.jpg Testoflife29.jpg Testoflife30.jpg

9) In Gludin Temple look for Priest Adonius. This is where the painful part starts, he tells you they are short of ink and pens, of all things, to copy the book. He tells you to get 20 Spider Ichor from Marsh Spiders, and 20 Harpy's down.

Testoflife31.jpg Testoflife32.jpg Testoflife33.jpg

10) The spiders can be found around Cruma Tower and Harpy's around Giran castle. The drops are pretty poor here again, around 1 in 5 or higher. After you get all the items go back to Adonius.

Testoflife34.jpg Testoflife35.jpg

11) He gives you a copy of the book and sends you back to Arkenia at the initiation altar. She gives you stardust then it's back once again to Thalia at the lake.

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12) Thalia shows that she is very not cool by taking the stardust and asking for even more stuff, which is Talin's Spear. Lucky you it's been stolen! She sends you off to Hunters Village to talk with Isael Silvershadow.

Testoflife39.jpg Testoflife40.jpg

13) Isael Silvershadow in Hunters Village tells you that the spear is a great treasure and must be recovered from the lizardmen. The lizardmen have thoughtfully broke it into a bunch of pieces though, the blade, the shaft, and 4 jewels. You need to kill Leto Lizardmen Shamans and overlords.

Testoflife41.jpg Testoflife42.jpg Testoflife43.jpg

14) Due to the Freya update, this quest has been changed. You can still find these quest monsters in a small corner of the Plains of the Lizardmen, in their own camp. This camp is indicated by the red dot on the map below.

Plains.jpg Testoflife44.jpg Testoflife45.jpg

15) Back in Hunters Village talk to Isael and she assembles the spear and gives it back to you. For being so valuable it is, unfortunately no grade with very low patk but you can equip it anyway. Now go back to Thalia... again.


16) Thalia asks for ONE MORE THING and tells you to stick a unicorn with the spear. You'll need to kill the unicorn actually with the spear and it can be found very south of the Elven Fortress. You will receive its tears and then back to Thalia for the millionth time. (remember the pain, you were warned at the start)

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17) Go back to Asterios in the elven village and then back to the start of the quest with Cardien in Dion.

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You will receive Mark of Life, 104,591 exp and 11,250 sp. Congrats!