The Coming Darkness

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Minimum Level: 62 Party: .
Start Location: Hierarch Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Valley of Saints Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 865,187 exp and 69,172 sp

1 This quest starts with any Hierarch in the Valley of Saints though this map shows the closet one to the port spot. He asks you to run around to all the Evil Altars in the valley.

If you started at another Hierarch than the one pictured here, the order of altars will probably vary.

You must first complete Light and Darkness to get this quest.


2 The first altar should be the one right next to the Hierarch in the map above.


3 The next one is at the back of the valley. Mind you all of the Evil Altars are in caves, that are found by dropping down into the little "green" valley areas. So the pushpin isn't where the entrance to the cave is, it's where the altar actually is, which are all a short run off from where you want to start. It's kind of a pain in the neck.


4 The third one.


5 The fourth altar.


6 And the final one.


7 It then tells you to see your "neighborhood" Hierarch which hopefully is a joke about how they couldn't be bothered to give this set of NPCs unique names, so talk to whichever one you ended up next to and receive 865,187 exp and 69,172 sp.