The Finest Ingredients - Part 1

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Minimum Level: 73 Party: .
Start Location: Hot Springs Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Jeremy Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Ice Crystal and Soy Sauce Jar

by EllieBelly

1 This quest starts in Hot Springs with Chef Jeremy. He asks that you hunt 3 kinds of mobs also found in Hot Springs. You will need to do this quest for any of the Third Class Changes also.

Thefinestingredientspart1-1.jpg Thefinestingredientspart1-2.jpg Thefinestingredientspart1-3.jpg

2 The mobs are all in the same area and you will need 50 of each item.

Thefinestingredientspart1-4.jpg Thefinestingredientspart1-5.jpg Thefinestingredientspart1-6.jpg

3 Return to Jeremy when you have 50 of each and he rewards you with the Ice Crystal, needed for those pesky class changes, and a Soy Sauce Jar, needed for The Finest Ingredients - Part 2.

Thefinestingredientspart1-7.jpg Thefinestingredientspart1-8.jpg