The Name of Evil - 1

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Minimum Level: 76 Party: -
Start Location: Primeval Isle Wharf Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Mushika Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: Completed Meeting the Elroki
Rewards: 859 195 exp, 86 603 SP and access to Part 2

1  Talk to Mushika whom you have saved in the Meeting the Elroki quest. He tells you some cryptic stuff about his people's future and asks for your help again. When you agree he gives you a Gazkh Fragment and sends you to shaman Karakawei for more info.

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2  The shaman is in a chatty mood as well so you hear more gloomy stories about the Lost Nest and Shilen. Then he asks you to collect him some materials for a ritual he wants to conduct. You'll need to kill Ornithomimus ja Deinonychus for their claws and bones. He tells you the mobs are through the tunnel and in the nest but in fact there are enough of them running around on the plains as soon as you port away from the island through Kariachin.


Both of the mobs are groupers but they are low HP so it shouldn't be hard, just try not to aggro everything else if you're a squishier class. The drop rate is not 100%, for me it took almost one full round (20 mins) to get them. Once you have the items, port back to the island and talk to the shaman again.


3  He is happy with you and proceeds with the ritual. Watch it and talk to him when he is conscious again. And now the fun begins - you have to go and talk to three tablets in the area of the Lost Nest and talk to them using a specific word. So make sure you remember it. Also memorize the locations and safe routes to the tablets since in the second part of this quest you'll be doing the round once more.


A few things to keep in mind: all the mobs in the area are aggro and if you use any stealth skill (dagger users, bladedancers or a transform with sneaky ability) there are still 2 mobs who can see you - Tyrannosaurus and Pterosaur. The first one is patrolling in small circles and you would have to pass 2-3 of them depending which route you pick. One of them likes to hide up on a tree next to the moutain where the first tablet is so be careful. You can't solo kill it and it hits pretty hard. If things look bad and you don't find a safe way to the NPC just try to run close to the tablet before you die - you can still talk to it even if you're dead (that's what I did twice) so at least get your task done before starting again from the beach (when you click "To Village" on the Primeval Isle you end up on the wharf not in town). Pterosaur is a bit easier, seems they have changed it so it's not a mini-boss anymore; it was possible to kill it on a lvl 80 Spectral Dancer in light armour and with only combo buffs from orc and a few heals from EE. Didn't take more than killing a normal mob and the exp was lousy.

4  The first tablet you need is Ulu Kaimu and you will have a yellow pin on the map marking its location. Don't forget about your safety and the keyword on the way to find it.


5  When you locate the tablet and talk to it you will have to punch in the letters of the keyword one-by-one. So be careful not to click the wrong one. The word is tepu.


When you got it right the tablet wakes up and starts talking, when he asks you why you are there tell him that you want to receive the wisdom about Mushika's item. He tells you that you have to meet the rest of the Kaimu brothers to know all so ask him how and where you find the next one. And learn the keyword.

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5  Next tablet is called Balu Kaimu and it's not far so keeping your guard up and avoiding prehistoric trouble go and find it and use the keyword toon this time, the routine of picking the letters is the same as before.


This one likes to talk as well so listen to his rambling and when you get a chance ask him about the item you got from Mushika. And about the location of the third brother and his keyword.

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6  Again do some running and follow the same routine as before when talking to the tablet. The keyword is wagu. Show him the relic and listen to what he has to say. If you feel like knowing more and the mobs are not too scary gathering about you then you can click the other options for more chat but I didn't feel like it ;) In the end he gives you an Epitaph of Wisdom and sends you back to Mushika.

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7  Mushika is happy and rewards you with the awesome 859 195 exp and 86 603 SP and the chance to take second part of the quest The Name of Evil - 2 which eventually provides you access to Sailren.

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