The Name of Evil - 2

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Minimum Level: 77 Party: Party/Solo
Start Location: Primeval Isle Wharf Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Asamah Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: Completed The Name of Evil - 1
Rewards: 460,483 adena, 1,015,973 exp, 102,802 SP, EWA

NB This quest has an insane amount of dialogue but you don't have to remember all.

1  After finishing the first part of the quest talk to Asamah who is next to Mushika. He is grateful for your help but says there are still mysteries to be solved so he hasks for your help once more. When you agree he tells you a bit more about the history and sends you off to the tablets again.

Asamah.jpg Nameofevil2nd01.jpg Nameofevil2nd02.jpg Nameofevil2nd03.jpg Nameofevil2nd04.jpg Nameofevil2nd05.jpg Nameofevil2nd06.jpg

2  The first one to talk to is Ulu Kaimu, watch out for the Tyrannosaurus and Pterosaur when you run there. This time you need to memorize a tune and be very careful because if you get it wrong in the last stage you have to run the whole round again. And he sends you to the next one. The tune is Do-Mi-Fa-Sol-Fa.

Nameofevil2nd07.jpg Nameofevil2nd12.jpg

3  Next in line is Balu Kaimu and he will sing another tune for you and send you to his brother. The tune is Fa-Sol-Ti-Sol-Fa.


4  And the last to visit from this bunch is Chuta Kaimu and he is a bit more talkative and in the end he sends you to visit Warrior's Grave. The last piece of the tune is Sol-Fa-Mi-Fa-Mi.



5  The grave is next to the entrance of the tunnel towards the plains, not far from where you are now.


6  Now you will get a lot of dialogue, just keep reading and in the end you get to say that you are ready for the ceremony.

Nameofevil2nd34.jpg Nameofevil2nd35.jpg Nameofevil2nd36.jpg Nameofevil2nd37.jpg Nameofevil2nd38.jpg Nameofevil2nd39.jpg Nameofevil2nd40.jpg Nameofevil2nd41.jpg Nameofevil2nd42.jpg Nameofevil2nd43.jpg Nameofevil2nd24.jpg Nameofevil2nd45.jpg Nameofevil2nd46.jpg Nameofevil2nd47.jpg

7  When you click on "Sing the warrior song" you will get the notes verse-by-verse. Be very careful to click them in right order. The sequences were: Do-Mi-Fa-Sol-Fa, Fa-Sol-Ti-Sol-Fa, Sol-Fa-Mi-Fa-Mi.

Nameofevil2nd48.jpg Nameofevil2nd49.jpg Nameofevil2nd50.jpg

8  When you get everything right you will receive a handful of ashes and the request to go find Shilen's statue.

Nameofevil2nd51.jpg Nameofevil2nd52.jpg Nameofevil2nd53.jpg

9  The statue is uphill in the same area with one of the tablets, just watch out for the Tyrannosaurus lurking near the road. He talks (again) a lot and in the end asks you to take Warrior's Oath. You shouldn't be honest with it and tell that you're not a native Elrokian, just agree with everything, swear the oath and your loyalty, listen to some more history and hand in the ashes. After all this he sends you back to the village.

Nameofevil2nd55.jpg Nameofevil2nd57.jpg Nameofevil2nd58.jpg Nameofevil2nd59.jpg Nameofevil2nd60.jpg Nameofevil2nd61.jpg Nameofevil2nd62.jpg Nameofevil2nd63.jpg Nameofevil2nd64.jpg Nameofevil2nd65.jpg Nameofevil2nd66.jpg Nameofevil2nd67.jpg Nameofevil2nd68.jpg Nameofevil2nd69.jpg Nameofevil2nd70.jpg

10  Return to Asamah and surprise-surprise more dialogue to follow.

Nameofevil2nd71.jpg Nameofevil2nd72.jpg Nameofevil2nd73.jpg Nameofevil2nd74.jpg Nameofevil2nd75.jpg Nameofevil2nd76.jpg Nameofevil2nd77.jpg Nameofevil2nd78.jpg Nameofevil2nd79.jpg Nameofevil2nd80.jpg Nameofevil2nd81.jpg Nameofevil2nd82.jpg Nameofevil2nd83.jpg

11  Then go to Mushika and he has one more task for you (now who would have thought). You need to go back to the statue but that would in fact be the next quest Attack Sailren!. So at the moment you will receive your reward of 460,483 adena, 1,015,973 exp, 102,802 SP and one Enchant Weapon A scroll.

Nameofevil2nd84.jpg Nameofevil2nd85.jpg Nameofevil2nd86.jpg Nameofevil2nd87.jpg Nameofevil2nd88.jpg