The Ocean of Distant Stars

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1) This quest, which can be picked up at level 39, starts with Railroad Worker Abey in the Railway Station northeast of Schuttgart. Abey is only there during daylight, i.e. from 6 o'clock in the morning until midnight ingame time.

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2) Abey complains about strange noises during the night which don't let her sleep. Agree to find out what is going on in the Station. For that purpose you have to wait until midnight. Open your mini map and look at the ingame clock in the upper left corner. 10 minutes real time equal 1 hour of ingame time.

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3) At 24:00 the Ghost of an Ancient Railroad Engineer will appear in the center of the Railway Station, only a few steps from where Abey was. The Ghost is pleasantly surprised that finally there is somebody who can clearly hear him. He asks you to find his mislaid hammer for him and suggests that you talk to a Railroad Worker for a clue.

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4) At the entry of the Railway Station you will find Railroad Worker Obi who, unlike his colleague, is on duty 24/7. Unfortunately Obi knows nothing about the Ghost and tells you to talk to Abey when she wakes up. On the quest screen it says that she sleeps until the afternoon, but in reality she will be back at her post at 06:00 sharp.

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5) Explain to Abey about the Ghost and the hammer. She believes that the tool is in a box in the back of the station. In fact this box is right behind her, you can see it from where you are standing.

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6) Talk to the box, retrieve the hammer from it and take it to Abey.

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7) Abey recognizes some of the engravings on the hammer handle as those of the Grey Pillar Guild, but for details you have to talk to Obi.

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8) Obi tells you about the Sky Wagon project, a railroad resp. maglev that was supposed to reach the Palace of the Gods up in the stars. There is a booklet that tells the whole story, but it was stolen by one of the bandits infesting the area. Either a Bandit Warrior or a Bandit Inspector should have it.

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9) Somewhat southwest of the Railway Station there is a snow-covered meadow where you will find Bandit Warriors (lvl 36, aggressive) and Bandit Inspectors (lvl 37, aggressive) all in one place. It took me three kills to get the book.

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10) Bring the book back to Obi in the Railway Station, who now tells you more about the Sky Wagon, a project planned by the Giants and, after their fall, further pursued by the Dwarves. Then he asks you to bring the Ghost his hammer.

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11) As before, the Ghost appears only at night. Consisting of translucent ectoplasm he can't hold material objects any more; the hammer falls right through his hands. Deeply depressed he asks you to meet a friend of his at the old Sky Wagon construction site.

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12) Between the Railway Station and the Sky Wagon Relic there is a deep gorge. You can only cross that via a bridge which is at the point of the Archaic Fortress flag on the map. After you have crossed the bridge, beware of the aggressive ghost groups roaming the area.

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13) When you have found the Ghost of a Railroad Engineer - who looks exactly the same as his colleague in the Station - talk to him. He will tell you about the heroic efforts of the construction workers who tried to continue the project after the Fall of the Giants but one after another died out there in the frozen wilderness.

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For your trouble you will be rewarded with 17,647 adena, 107,387 exp and 7369 SP. Having finished this quest gives you access to A Broken Dream which you can pick up right from this Ghost.