The Other Side of Truth

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Minimum Level: 53 Party: -
Start Location: Ice Merchant Cabin Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Rafforty Updated to: Goddess of Destruction - Harmony
Requirements: -
Rewards: 193 350 adena, 956 590 exp and 789 630 sp, access to Freya chain starter Request of Ice Merchant

1 This quest starts with Rafforty at the Ice Merchant Cabin in the Frozen Labyrinth. He asks you out of the blue if you could go meet a woman named Misa on Frost Lake at night. If you happen to be lazy as me, you can just go back to town and use the noble port to Frost Lake - that will take you right next to her location.

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2 Misa is in the middle of the lake on a slab of ice, but only spawns at night time game hours. She gives you a letter to give to Rafforty.

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3 Back at Rafforty he asks suspicious whether you really looked at the letter or not. Make sure to pick "Of course not!" (In older versions it was "Are you doubting me?") The rest don't matter.

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If you had chosen "I opened it. Thought I should know what was inside" (Previously "I'm sorry my curiosity got the better of me") the quest ENDS right there and then. As in you have to start all over. So don't do that.


4  Back at Misa, she asks you to find out what happened to other members of their party.

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5 There will be a group of Ice Sculptures northeast from where Misa is. Talk to each one of them until you find out where Kier (Kierre in older version) is. A Suspicious Man will also spawn but he despawns so fast you barely see him. Note: in the after-GoD version he doesn't seem to make an appearance any more. You should also get a Piece of Tablet, make sure you have one.

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6 Kier is another icicle found south of Frost Lake. Speak to it and you will get a report. In older versions the Suspicious Man showed up again and then vanished.

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7 Back at Rafforty he asks you to wait but just talk to him again, and if you got a Piece of Tablet already give it to him. You will be rewarded with 193 350 adena, 956 590 exp and 789 630 sp. And once you're lvl 82, you can continue with the Freya quest chain starting from Request of Ice Merchant.

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Old rewards: