Tragedy in von Hellmann Forest

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Minimum Level: 63 Party: -
Start Location: Rune Township Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Tifaren Updated to: Goddess of Destruction - Harmony
Requirements: Completed Hidden Truth
Rewards: 8 249 480 exp and 7 930 280 sp

This quest is the second in a chain of five total in and around Rune and the Forest of the Dead. These quests are:

  1. Hidden Truth
  2. Tragedy in von Hellmann Forest
  3. Lidia's Heart
  4. Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead
  5. Hiding Behind the Truth

There's a ridiculous amount of dialog in these quests, and although interesting, I'm just going to cover what you need to do to get around.

Some of the questions require specific answers so those will be marked with a yellow square, the others that don't matter you can pick whatever you want, though the dialog may change a bit but doesn't affect the overall steps.

The exp rewards for all these quest have increased a great deal in the GoD Harmony update.

1 In the town of Rune go to the Mystic Guild and talk to Grand Master Tifaren.

Tragedyinvonhellmannforest1.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest2.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest3.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest4.jpg

Talk to her again. She tells you to hung Slaughter Executioner, Trampled Man, and Sacrified Man in the Forest of the Dead and bring back a Lost Skull of Elf.

Tragedyinvonhellmannforest5.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest6.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest7.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest8.jpg

2 All three can be found in the Forest of the Dead, though I didn't find the Slaughter one before I got the quest item. Should only take a few mobs. Note: Slaughter mob only appears at night.

Tragedyinvonhellmannforest9.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest10.jpg

3 Back at Tifaren summoned a Ghost of Priest.

Tragedyinvonhellmannforest11.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest12.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest13.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest14.jpg

4 Talk to the Ghost of Priest.

Tragedyinvonhellmannforest15.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest16.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest17.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest18.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest19.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest20.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest21.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest22.jpg

5 Then talk to Innocentin who is in the same room. He sends you to a ghost who is north of town down the path a bit.

Tragedyinvonhellmannforest23.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest24.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest25.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest26.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest27.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest28.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest29.jpg

6 Talk to, then tell the Ghost of Adventurer you'll do it.

Tragedyinvonhellmannforest30.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest31.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest32.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest33.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest34.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest35.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest36.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest37.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest38.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest39.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest40.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest41.jpg

7 Talk to the Well which is by the ghost. It will spawn a quest monster called Soul of Well, and the ghost had, and will tell you to stand and fight which doesn't help much. Apparently you have to give the ghost time to do something and have to fight for a while. What worked for me was whacking it a few times then letting it hit me until I got the Jewel. On EE I tried nuking it, took 2 shots and no quest item. So next time I just beat it with my sword and after a while I got the jewel. Had to heal myself a few though cause it stuns and does pretty decent damage on a robe class. Second time I did it on bishop I hit it a few times and then kept it sleeping, took 4 rounds of casting Trance and got the item. It also doesn't matter if it's day or night, I got it to spawn during both (the priest says something about it appearing at night).

Tragedyinvonhellmannforest42.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest43.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest44.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest45.jpg

Then talk to the Well again


then talk to the Ghost again.


8 Go back to Rune to Innocentin and you will get a story and 8 249 480 exp and 7 930 280 sp. Now you can begin the 3rd quest in the chain, Lidia's Heart

Tragedyinvonhellmannforest48.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest49.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest50.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest51.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest52.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest53.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest54.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest55.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest56.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest57.jpg Tragedyinvonhellmannforest58.jpg

New rewards:

Tragedy harmony.jpg