Treasure Hunt

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1) This quest, which can only be started if you have a Pirate Map from the Conquest of Alligator Island quest, also starts in Heine with Trader Espen in the Weapons and Armor Shop.

Searchingfortreasure1.jpg Searchingfortreasure2.jpg

There are two choices, you can tell the map for 1,000 adena which I don't think is worth it, or tell him you don't want to sell it.


If you don't sell it he launches into a lot of lore about Captain Zaken. The only important thing to know is you need a Thief Key (I believe it's called Key of Thief in the Grocery Store) to open the treasure, so don't forget.

Searchingfortreasure4.jpg Searchingfortreasure5.jpg Searchingfortreasure6.jpg Searchingfortreasure7.jpg Searchingfortreasure8.jpg Searchingfortreasure9.jpg

2) He marks on your map where the treasure is, and knowing this is only good for this quest, you can't go down there and open it at any other time.


When you are still above water, look for this structure from the beach line.


You may want to either get the Kiss of Eva spell on before you go down, or get the Eva's potions in the Grocery Shop in Heine.

Once you go underwater and get closer to the box you'll see it's surrounded by Great White sharks, should be about 4 of them. Be prepare to take them out.


Then talk to the Pirates Chest, which is under some seaweed.

Searchingfortreasure13.jpg Searchingfortreasure14.jpg Searchingfortreasure15.jpg

The rewards vary, all of which should be more than the 1,000 for selling the map outright, but don't forget the cost of the key and porting. This quest also can give Enchant Armor D and C's, Elven Mithril Gloves and sage's Worn gloves. However in CT2 you can get these cheaply from the shop so it's not the 700k+ prize it use to be. Still, it's a bit of a fun interactive quest.

Searchingfortreasure16.jpg Searchingfortreasure17.jpg Searchingfortreasure18.jpg Searchingfortreasure19.jpg

Basically there are 4 blocks of rewards out of each of which you can get one or none:

Musical Scores Theme of Love
Theme of Battle
Theme of Comedy
Theme of the Feast
Greater Dyes Str+1 Con-3
Str+1 Dex-3
Con+1 Str-3
Con+1 Dex-3
Dex+1 Str-3
Dex+1 Con-3
Int+1 Men-3
Int+1 Wit-3
Men+1 Int-3
Men+1 Wit-3
Wit+1 Int-3
Wit+1 Men-3
Jewels Emerald
Blue Onyx
Fire Emerald
Imperial Diamond
Gloves and Armor Enchant Scrolls Mithril Gloves
Elven Mithril Gloves
Sage's Worn Gloves