Trespassing into the Holy Ground

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by Elmar

1) This quest starts with Priestess Restina in the Temple of Eva at Heine. Theoretically it can be picked up at level 36, but this is for groups. Since the target mobs are between lvl 41 and 44 and do not drop herbs, solo players should not attempt this quest before their second class change. I would recommend a minimum level of 44.

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Restina tells you about the Garden of Eva where the water goddess is occasionally resting. Recently monsters who wish to harm Eva have invaded her sanctuary. If you agree to help, Restina will tell you to kill Blade Stakatos (lvl 41, passive), Blade Stakato Workers (lvl 42, passive), Blade Stakato Warriors (lvl 43, aggressive) and Blade Stakato Drones (lvl 44, passive).

Trespassingintothesacredarea3.jpg Trespassingintothesacredarea4.jpg Trespassingintothesacredarea5.jpg Trespassingintothesacredarea6.jpg<

If you are interested in lore, Restina will also tell you a bit about Eva and the Innadril Elves:

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2) To reach the Garden of Eva you have to swim under water for a long distance. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that you buy a bottle of "Bless of Eva" (and a Scroll of Escape) in the Grocery at Heine before you set out.


3) When you are at the port spot on the beach, walk forward until you see the bluish lamps at the underwater entrance. Then, BEFORE your head gets under water, right-click on your "Bless of Eva" and dive towards the entrance.

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4) Soon after the doorsteps a group of 3 double HP Light Worm jellyfish (lvl 41, aggressive) will be waiting for you. There is no way to avoid them; at least one Light Worm will notice and attack you. Kill it at once, otherwise it will use Cripple on you and you might drown. When you come to a broken ceiling, dive down there and turn right. There are two Great White Sharks (lvl 43, aggressive) lurking in the depths, but if you are lucky you will escape their attention. Soon after you have climbed out of the water, there will be two aggressive lvl 40 double HP Nos crocodiles. You can not walk around them, so just kill them. In the corridor behind the Nos you will encounter your first Blade Stakatos.


5) Priestess Restina speaks of an "elaborate labyrinth", but in reality this is just one long corridor with many corners. Fight your way along it until you come to a vertical drop with a water basin at the bottom. You can jump into the water without damages, but in the basin a double HP lvl 45 aggressive Water Giant with a nasty stun will be waiting for you. If you are under level 46 you might want to stay in the corridor. The Blade Stakatos up there give the quest item at a rate of about 1 out of 3, the same as their cousins further in.

6) If you do jump down into the basin (then the only way out will be by Scroll of Escape) you have arrived in a system of concentric corridors. In the first circle you will find Blade Stakatos, Blade Stakato Workers and Blade Stakato Warriors, intermixed with some Nos crocodiles. In the second circle there are Blade Stakato Warriors and Blade Stakato Drones, intermixed with Water Giants.

Garden of Eva Floor Diagram

Trespassingintothesacredarea14.jpg Trespassingintothesacredarea15.jpg Trespassingintothesacredarea16.jpg Trespassingintothesacredarea17.jpg

7) A peculiar feature in the Garden of Eva are the translucent sliding doors between the circles. They are closed for several minutes, then they open for about one minute, then they close again.

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8) You can collect as many Blade Stakato Fangs as you like. The reward is 250a per Fang, plus a bonus of 2000a starting from the first Fang. If you bring Restina 10 or more, the bonus is 5730a. Here some of the rewards I got:

Trespassingintothesacredarea20.jpg Trespassingintothesacredarea21.jpg Trespassingintothesacredarea22.jpg Trespassingintothesacredarea23.jpg

9) The quest is infinitely repeatable

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