Trial of the Challenger

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1) This quest starts in Dion behind the Warrior Guild with Kash. He gives you 61 dimensional diamonds and asks you to kill Shyslyssys. I think someone bonked the keyboard for that name.

Trialofchallenger1.jpg Trialofchallenger2.jpg Trialofchallenger3.jpg Trialofchallenger4.jpg

2) The mob, who is actually called Shyslassys is under the Undine Waterfall by the Neutral Zone, way in the back in the cave there. You only need to kill her to get the item, you can easily outrun her minions; they are very slow. However with shots, newbie buffs and a healing pot or two it should be easy.

Trialofchallenger5.jpg Trialofchallenger6.jpg

3) Back at Kash, he sends you to Giran to talk to Martien.


4) Martien is near the right side North exit in Giran and asks you to kill Gorr.

Trialofchallenger8.jpg Trialofchallenger9.jpg Trialofchallenger10.jpg

5) Gorr is by the Monster Race Track in a cave. Look for the large stone entrance. You can kill her and run from the rest if you need to.

Trialofchallenger11.jpg Trialofchallenger12.jpg Trialofchallenger13.jpg

6) Back at Martien he asks you to go kill Baraham.


7) Baraham is over the hill near the Hive Fortress and works the same way as the others.

Trialofchallenger15.jpg Trialofchallenger16.jpg

8) When you have killed Baraham, Raldo pops up and sends you to Filaur of the Gray Pillar in Dwarf town. In old guides it says you have to kill all the minions too to make him spawn so in case he doesn't appear after Baraham dies, just kill them all.

Trialofchallenger20.jpg Trialofchallenger21.jpg Trialofchallenger22.jpg Trialofchallenger23.jpg Trialofchallenger24.jpg

9) In Dwarf Village in the Elder Council he sends you to Abandoned Coal Mines (changed location since Epilogue patch) to kill the Queen of the Succubus.

Trialofchallenger25.jpg Questmob.jpg Mineslocation.jpg

The mines has a layout map now so all you have to do is run from the entrance (upper left) to the yellow pin. In the big room just cross it diagonally and go up the ramp with rails, a little down again and the mob group is in the bottom of the pit. The other mobs around them didn't seem aggro so it's actually easier now, lot less running as well.

Raldo should spawn when the Queen dies, the rest don't really matter.


10) Raldo will spawn when the "chick" dies, and reward you with 97,278 adena, Mark of Challenger, 533,803 exp and 34,621 sp.

Old version of the guide (pre-Epilogue): Trial_of_the_Challenger-old-30-12-2009