Trial of the Seeker

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1) This quest starts at level 35 in the Warrior Guild with Master Dufner in Giran. He gives you a letter to take to Master Terry (Hawkeye) in Dion and 128 dimensional diamonds.

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2) Master Terry can be found in the Warrior Guild in Dion. He needs a favor of course, but at least it's easy. He wants you to go to the Execution grounds and get an item from the Neer Ghoul Berserker, which are found on the second level on the steps to the left.

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3) Head over to the Execution Grounds. The Neer Ghoul Berserker will give you the Mysterious Runestone item, it should only take 1-2 kills. Then it's back to Master Terry in Dion.

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4) Master Terry, after such an easy trip, now gives you a list of monsters to kill for items. Ol Mahum Captain in Partisans Hideaway (now called Fortress of Resistance), Turek Orc Warlord at the Orc Barracks (quest incorrectly says north of Gludio, it's north of Gludin), Ant Captains in The Ant Nest, and Turak bugbear Warriors around the Giran Castle area.

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You will need a runestone from each mob, it should only take a few skills if not on the first one.


You can port straight to the Fortress of Resistance and there should be a few Captains right off the port spot.

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Turak Bugbear Warriors can be found just a short trip out of Giran.

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Turek Orc Warlords are found in the camps scattered around Orc Barracks, there should be one right near that port spot as well. Try to pull one from a camp without grabbing everything else as well, as it can turn ugly if you do it solo.

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Ant Captains are found inside of the Ants Nest, if you port there from Gludio it goes right to a cave opening and they are only

a few rooms in. They should not be too much trouble. Once you have all the items head back to Master Terry in Dion. 

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5) Back in Dion Master Terry tells you to take a letter and the bezoars to Viktor in Hunters Village. He also gives you his real

name which is "Altebar Karryos". You'll need to remember that. 

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6) Viktor is in the Weapons and Armor shop in Hunters Village. He, like most of Lineage II's NPCs, need you to kill a monster, fortunately only one. He needs 10 scales from the Medusa, which is around the Giran Castle area again.

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7) Medusa's can be found around the Gorgon (aka medusa) Flower Garden, which are aggressive, like the wyrms and bugbear warriors. You need 10

items and it doesn't drop every time so you'll kill a fair amount of them. Once you have all 10 head back to Hunters Village to Viktor. 

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8) Viktor sends you to find Marina who is on the Human floor (1st) of Ivory Tower.

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9) In Ivory Tower on the 2nd floor, Magister Marina wants a favor but you should be use to that by now. She sends

you to retreive an item from Brunon, the blacksmith in Dwarven Village. 

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10) In the dwarven village, Brunon can be found in the Blacksmith shop. He hands over the package with no strings attached and sends you right back to Marina.

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11) Right back at Ivory Tower, 2nd floor at Marina. Amazingly enough she sends you back to "Hawkeye" Master Terry in Dion and says she will tell Viktor herself. Bless her heart. Go back to Dion's Warrior Guild.

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12) Talk to Master Terry in Dion's Warrior Guild, and at this point you will need to be 36 or the quest progress will halt. He will give you Terry's 3rd Order if you aren't 36 already though.

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If you are 36 he will give you another list of mobs to kill, some of which are in spots you've already been for this same quest. He wants Ant Warrior Captains, Leto Lizardman Warrior, and Marsh Stakato Drone. Like the other runestones you have to get, you only need 1 and it should only take a few skills to obtain.


The Breka Orc Overlords are just north of Giran.


The Ant Warrior Captains are in the Ants Nest which we visited earlier in the quest. They are only a few more rooms in compared to the first set of ants you had to deal with.


The Leto Lizardman Warriors are a straight port off Oren. The Lord of Plain groups are aggro so watch out.


13) Once you have all the items go back to Master Terry in Dion. He will send you back to the quest start point, which is in Giran.


14) Head back to the Warrior Guild in Giran, to Master Dufner. You will earn Mark of Seeker, 72,126 exp and 11,000 sp. You don't get the diamonds at the end any more.