Under the Shadow of the Ivory Tower

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by EllieBelly

1) This quest, which can only be undertaken by non-Orc Mystics of level 40 or higher, starts in Hardin's Academy in Dragon Valley with Magic Trader Cema. She asks that you collect Nebulite from under Ivory Tower from Manashen Gargoyles, Enchanted Monstereyes, enchanted stone golems, and even though she doesn't mention it, the enchanted Iron Golem is on the list too.

Undertheshadowoftheivorytower1.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower2.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower3.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower4.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower5.jpg

2) The mobs are all found in the Ivory Tower crator on the east side and only the monstereyes are aggro. The drop rate is decent, probably 50% but even killing fast it takes about 30 mins to get 100.

Undertheshadowoftheivorytower6.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower7.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower8.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower9.jpg

3) Another way to drum up more Nebulite is to play games with one or both of the dwarves in the crator. One of them is Collector Marsha who stands close to the base of the tower. She will play a rock-paper-scissors game with you and takes 10 ore from you before you even pick a choice. If you lose she takes 10 ore, if you tie you get your 10 back, if you win you get your ore and her ore so it looks like 20 but since you get your 10 BACK, it's really just 10 more.

Marshamap.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower10.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower11.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower12.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower13.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower14.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower15.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower16.jpg

4) You can also go over to Collector Trumpin to play a game of heads or tails to win some ore. He does not take any ore until you win or lose. The more you win the higher the stakes go, first win is 10, 2 in a row is 30, 3 in a row is 70, and that's as high as I got so far.

Trumpinmap.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower17.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower18.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower19.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower20.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower21.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower22.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower23.jpg

5) When you have ore, I'd have at least 100 to get a semi decent reward, you can go back to Cema. She has a bunch of possible options for you.


First here are the screens about cursed bone and Ectoplasm Liquer.

Undertheshadowoftheivorytower25.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower26.jpg

Then the possible rewards when trading for items.

Undertheshadowoftheivorytower27.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower28.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower29.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower30.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower31.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower32.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower33.jpg

You can also trade in for adena, here I got 6,000 for 50 ore.


And if you buy the Ectoplasm Liqueur for Lich King Icarus he will give you a random reward. He is also in Hardin's Academy. I did two turn ins of 200 items for his liqueur and received around 500 Spiritshots D grade each time.

Undertheshadowoftheivorytower35.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower36.jpg Undertheshadowoftheivorytower37.jpg

Here a complete list of the rewards for a bottle of Ectoplasm Liqueur:

  • 1 Scroll Enchant Weapon D
  • 1 Scroll Enchant Weapon C
  • 400-600 Spiritshot D
  • 400-600 Spiritshot C
  • 1 Blood of Saints D
  • 1 Square Shield D
  • 1 Ghost Staff D
  • 1 Ring of Ages C
  • 1 Tower Shield C
  • 1 Necklace of Mermaid C
  • 1 Scroll of Escape (the greatest probability)