Vain Conclusion

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by Elmar

1) This quest is a sequel to Seal Removal. When you are level 42, return to Locksmith Dorothy in Heine.

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2) Dorothy has succeeded in repairing the Metallograph. Take it back to Researcher Lorain.

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3) Lorain stands, as always, near the entrance on the west side of the Cruma Tower.

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4) What is recorded on the Metallograph opens up the possibility that one of the Cruma, giant tortoises created at the beginning of time, might still exist. Lorain sends you to Priest Shegfield in Dion to find out more.

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5) The Elven priest is in the Einhasad Temple on the hill north of the town.

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6) Shegfield tells you that the Cruma are an extinct species. The last of its kind fought alongside the Elves in their war against the Humans and died a heroic death in the place now known as the Sea of Spores while covering the retreat of the Elves.

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7) Return to Lorain with the information you gained. The Researcher sends you to Head Blacksmith Kusto in Giran to report to him and claim your reward.


8) You will probably remember that Kusto is in the Blacksmith workshop at the west gate of the town.

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9) Kusto considers pure scholarly research on Cruma tortoises as unprofitable. Nevertheless he gives you 117,327 adena for your trouble. If your character is between level 42 and 47 you will also get 309,467 exp and 20,614 SP.

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