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The vitality system has been fully revamped in the Goddess of Destruction update.

Previously, characters each had their own Vitality. Now, Vitality is shared across all characters on the same account and the same server. Regardless of what character you play, you will have a limited amount of Vitality each week.

Vitality will be refilled during every regular weekly maintenance. Vitality no longer increases while you are in a peace zone or are logged out of the game.

You may use five Vitality items per week. (As of February 8, 2012, you may use seven Vitality items per week.) Vitality items affected by the weekly limit include Vitality maintaining, replenishing, and refilling potions, among others. Some special items, such as Birthday Cakes, are not affected by the weekly limit.

The four Vitality stages no longer exist. Now, when a character has any Vitality at all, that character's XP gain is 200%. Raid monsters no longer award Vitality. Vitality herbs have been removed from the game.

When hunting, while you have Vitality remaining, the chance of monsters dropping Weapon Pouches, Armor Pouches, and Enchant Pouches increases. When hunting in a party, the number of party members who have Vitality remaining further increases that chance.

The Recommendation system remains mostly the same as before. The only change is that your current Recommendation value now decreases by 5 recommendations per day instead of by 20.

The Nevit’s Blessing system has been removed from the game. The Nevit’s Blessing interface window is gone, and the Priest of Blessing no longer sells Nevit items. Existing Nevit's Hourglasses are removed at the launch of Goddess of Destruction, and any attained after launch will give a 50% XP bonus. Any other remaining Nevit items in a character’s possession will not be deleted, but their effects may have been altered. Nevit's Voice now increases a character’s Recommendation level by 10 and gives 100,000 Adena when used.

Old Vitality System

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