Warehouse Keeper's Ambition

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1) This quest starts in Hunters Village in the Warehouse with Warehouse Freightman Silva. She asks you to go to Enchanted Valley and hunt Forest Runners, Fline Elders, Leile Elders and Valley Treant Elders and bring back Jade Crystals. She says you will get a bonus if you bring 100 or more at once.

Warehousekeepersambition1.jpg Warehousekeepersambition2.jpg Warehousekeepersambition3.jpg Warehousekeepersambition4.jpg Warehousekeepersambition5.jpg

2) The mobs are all around the same areas and the drop rate is about 1/3. You can return with any amount but 100 or more is supposed to have a bonus.

Warehousekeepersambition6.jpg Warehousekeepersambition7.jpg Warehousekeepersambition8.jpg Warehousekeepersambition9.jpg

3) When you return to her you can turn in the crystals, say you'll get more or quit. I am not sure what the bonus is yet, because over 100 crystals (102 to be exact) was 54,250 adena and 5 was 5,625. So you'd think 100 would be over 100k adena but it's not. It works out to be 425 adena per, plus 3,500 for 1st item, and a bonus of 7400a for 100 or more items brought at once (thanks LC, Elmar).


102 turn ins.


5 turn ins.


and this is just a funny bit of dialog at the end.