Whisper of Dreams, Part 1

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Minimum Level: 56 Party: .
Start Location: Town of Giran Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Manakia Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: A-grade robe key materials

by EllieBelly

1 This quest starts in the Town of Giran with Seer Manakia. He asks that you gather some materials for him to stop his nightmares. He wants 65 Cave Beast Teeth and 65 Death Wave Lights from monsters in Antharas' Lair.

Whisperofdreamspart1-1.jpg Whisperofdreamspart1-2.jpg Whisperofdreamspart1-3.jpg

2 The mobs are all near the front rooms.

Whisperofdreamspart1-4.jpg Whisperofdreamspart1-5.jpg Whisperofdreamspart1-6.jpg

3 When you have two sets of 65 items go back to Manakia and for those items along you can trade for A grade robe fabrics.

Whisperofdreamspart1-7.jpg Whisperofdreamspart1-8.jpg Whisperofdreamspart1-12.jpg

4 While doing this quest you may also receive, randomly, a Sealed Mysterious Stone which will launch the Whisper of Dreams, Part 2 quest. If you have the stone when you speak to Manakia, he will send you to Torai in Death Pass.


Torai will unseal the stone.

Whisperofdreamspart1-10.jpg Whisperofdreamspart1-11.jpg

Then you must go back to Manakia to start part 2.