Whisper of Dreams, Part 2

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Minimum Level: 60 Party: .
Start Location: Town of Giran Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Manakia Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Random A grade robe recipe 60%

by EllieBelly

1 This quest starts in the Town of Giran with Seer Manakia, after having gotten the Mysterious Stone from Whisper of Dreams, Part 1. He asks you to hunt Kariks and Cave Howlers in Antharas' Lair.

Whisperofdreamspart2-1.jpg Whisperofdreamspart2-2.jpg Whisperofdreamspart2-3.jpg

2 Both are found rather deep in what's known as Dragon Valley Cave and you need 100 items from each.

Whisperofdreamspart2-4.jpg Whisperofdreamspart2-5.jpg

3 When you have all 200 items go back to Manakia and he will reward you with a random A grade robe recipe 60%.